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I'm so glad you're here. Let me tell you a bit about myself. 

My personal wellness journey started about a decade ago when I realized whatever was happening with my digestion was (shockingly) not normal. With some support from my boss at the time, I experimented with going gluten-free and felt infinitely better.  Ever since, I continued to experiment with what was going in my belly and how I felt. Along the way, I've dealt with some bumps in the road: digestive issues, fatigue, eczema, psoriasis, weight fluctuations, sugar cravings, body image issues and disordered eating.  Overcoming these obstacles has empowered me to help others find their own sense of self and empowerment.

Looking back on my journey, I've realized that while I tried many outlooks to start feeling better, I was missing a major piece of the puzzle.


Because of my disordered eating mentalities, I got to a place of restriction. I lived there for YEARS. At first, it started off as a restriction for digestive issues (don't get me wrong, understanding what works for you is IMPORTANT, but it got out of hand for me). At that particular time in my life, it was the only thing I felt like I could "control" so the control became obsessive. It turned into excessive calorie restriction. Which turned into binging, which turned into self-loathing.

Even when I felt like I had come out of the darkest of those places, I still found myself feeling guilty when eating "off-limits" foods. Worst of all, I wasn't enjoying family events because I was so anxious about the food. I considered myself a foodie, but I wasn't allowing myself to feel pleasure when eating. I literally, felt like a crazy person thinking about food ALL DAY. 

I decided enough was enough, I didn't want to spend my days thinking about food, but I also wanted to still be a foodie.

Intuitive eating has changed my life. I now ask myself multiple times a day, "What do you WANT to eat right now? What are you hungry for?" I make sure the foods that I love are available to me, instead of restricted, and this allows me to enjoy them, guilt-free AND binge-free.

A huge part of my brain is now available for other knowledge, joy, happiness, and adventure because I'm no longer obsessing over food all of the time.

I went from an anxious eater to a conscious foodie.

Now, that is exactly what I help women with! You don't have to be obsessed with food to love your body and be healthy. And you don't have to give up on being a "foodie."

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  • I've never read ANY of the Harry Potter books!
  • I HATE spaghetti squash with a passion.
  • I suck at: swimming and reading. (Mountains and audiobooks all the way)
  • I always pretend I'm a "big dog only person" but anytime I see a little dog I just can't help but be smitten. Also: I don't hate cats.

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