How to stop worrying about "being too much" and be CONFIDENT in who you are!

Uncategorized May 15, 2019

When asked “what thing about yourself would you change?” You’d likely be quick to answer, you have a list of answers ready to fire away! But when asked, “what are your absolute favorite qualities you have?” You go into defense mode. You freeze, you think things like “well, I guess I’m kinda (insert whatever surface level compliment you have for yourself).”


This is a trend I see in almost EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of my clients. As women (and maybe men too, I’m not sure…) we’re conditioned to “be modest” and “not be too much”. What happens when we follow those rules, is we believe that we cannot be our truest selves. That we should dull down our happiness, our goofiness, our strength, our opinions so that we aren’t “too much”.


Let me give you a statistic that will blow your mind. Did you know that the chances of you being born, the exact way you were born, with the...

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Why you think you're "failing" Intuitive Eating, and how to fix it!

Uncategorized May 08, 2019

First thing’s first. Let’s get one thing straight, you CANNOT fail at being an Intuitive Eater. But with that being said, people tell me all the time “well I tried Intuitive Eating before, I ate whatever I wanted and I just gained so much weight and became out of control.”


So if that’s you, where you think you’re headed or EXACTLY why you’re afraid to try Intuitive Eating, this article is for you.


So let’s get technical here, the phase (keyword here, phase) in which most people feel like they “fail”, they get “stuck” here, is called the pleasure-seeking phase. It is the very first phase of true Intuitive Eating.


The way that this program WORKS is through habituation. Habituation is a term used for when, over time, there is a decreased response to a stimulus. Let me give you some everyday examples. Say you buy a new car, the first couple weeks of driving that car around you feel like A BOSS,...

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My Story: From Over-Achieving Perfectionist to Self-Kindness Aficionado

Uncategorized May 01, 2019

It’s amazing how as humans we find so much comfort in knowing and understanding other people’s struggles. We search for people that are experiencing similar pain and hurt. But to be honest, my story doesn’t matter as much as your story. Let me explain what I mean. My story is important to ME. And sure, it’s important for me to share so that you can finally feel like you’re not alone. But what’s most important? What’s most important is your story. OWNING your story. So before you get all caught up in reading my story, and likely comparing yours to mine (because hi we’re humans and we compare). More than anything I want this to inspire you to really OWN your story, devoid of comparisons to any else’s. Owning your story will truly set you free from any sense of your story “holding you back”


So here we is my story:


For as long as I can remember, making people “proud” was my sense of...

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