I totally understand that feeling of "needing help" but not feeling 100% ready to dive in deep with a coach one on one. But you are still CRAVING Food and Body Freedom and want some guidance to get there. If that's you, I feel you!

Does this Sound Like You?

  • You desperately want some guidance with Intuitive Eating

  • People say "work on your mindset" and you have no idea what that even means or where to start

  • Not to mention this whole "love yourself" thing just seems too far fetched, "HOW DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF?!"

  • Basically, you just need some structure so that you can stop feeling like a failure, and start becoming an Intuitive Eater!


  • Feeling like you're always "falling off the wagon" - Not to mention getting "back on track" seems to get harder and harder!
  • Can't seem to feel "normal" around food - Like for real how does someone eat one cookie and say they're done??!?!
  • Constantly worrying about how much you're eating - Man it would be nice to think about something else for once!
  • Obsessing about how your body looks - You just want to be CONFIDENT!
  • Being a slave to the scale - You're seriously tired of letting that number determine your mood!



Wouldn't it be nice if...

  • You could stop feeling like you are sliding back into old dieting habits and thoughts?
  • Have some gentle structure to guide you on this messy journey
  • You could actually start having wins and thinking "wow, I really CAN do this intuitive eating thing!"
  • You stopped thinking "This intuitive eating thing is just so scary and confusing" and want to run away screaming
  • You could START feeling in control around the cheese platter at the company holiday party
  • You could keep fun treats in the house without demolishing them within 24 hours..


If this sounds EXACTLY like you, then keep reading! 


The Food Freedom Foundations Course!

A self-paced POWERFUL online course that will give you all the tools to apply Intuitive Eating and Self-Love to YOUR life!

FFF includes the BREAD AND BUTTER of my coaching!

I wanted to bring you ALL THE KNOWLEDGE that I bring to my one on one clients in a self-paced online course. And that's EXACTLY what I've done for you in Food Freedom Foundations!



  • You've wanted to start Intuitive Eating but you're scared you'll end up eating "all the food" 

  • You've been reading the books on Intuitive Eating, following the Insta pages, hanging out in support groups but are struggling to see progress

  • Maybe you've even tried Intuitive Eating before and you feel like you've "failed" (you haven't failed, I promise!)

  • You are totally new to this Intuitive Eating thing and you're not sure where to start (girl I gotchu! Start here!)

What's in the Course?

6 Video Modules

6 Modules that will walk you through EXACTLY how to achieve the confidence you crave! We will talk about things like self-kindess and self-trust, learning your hunger and fullness cues and how give yourself full permission around food, successfully.


Along with each video module, you will get a worksheet of tools to apply directly to your life, from that module's teachings. To make it more personal, I've included a video explaining and describing how to utilize and apply the tools!

Bonus Content!

To really add in some extra value for you, I've added lots of bonus content with handouts and videos to help answer some of the toughest questions I get when it comes to Food and Body Freedom!

Are you ready to NEVER fall off track again?

BECAUSE THERE IS NO MORE TRACK! This course is going to give you the exact tools you need to become an Intuitive Eater in a STABLE way! This is basically getting a FRONT ROW SEAT to all my coaching tools that are successful for women over and over!

I'm READY to start!

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! The biggest difference is that you will be doing this self-paced instead of personally guided with me. There is no direct coaching from me in Food Freedom Foundations. However, one of my goals was to make it AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to personal coaching as possible in a self-paced kind of format! And I totally did! This is the closest you can get to coaching with me directly without actually coaching with directly!

Another great question! I give you ALL the tools I teach my clients in this online course and so it's up to you to do the work, and really apply these concepts to YOUR life. If you do this work, you will NO DOUBT be feeling so much more confident by the end of this course.

This is a self-paced online course and does NOT include private coaching with me. If you are interested in private coaching with me, contact me directly!

Because I believe so strongly in this course and see these tools, time and time again have powerful effects, I have a strict no refund policy for this course!


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