Tired of eating the entire pint of Ben & Jerry's in one night while you binge Netflix?

"Seriously AGAIN?! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST CONTROL YOURSELF?!" <-- (Real things you're saying to yourself in your head)

Is this your current reality?

You're Tired Of:

  • Being a slave to the scale. Let's be real, weighing yourself is the first thing you do each day... and right away you feel like a failure.

  • Working so hard to "eat clean" all day only to find yourself head first in your husband's bag of Dorito's at the end of the day.

  • After your face-full of Dorito's you think to yourself "I'll just be REALLY GOOD tomorrow and get in a high intensity workout to burn it off."

  • Actively avoiding the cheese table at the party. Like "I can't even stand near it. Get me away from here!"

  • Walking by a bakery and smelling the sweet baked goods and spending the rest of the day wishing you could have something sweet. 

  • Constantly saying things like "I just have to get back on track", or "I totally fell off track this weekend."


You want nothing more than:

  • To be a NORMAL eater.

  • To order WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT off the menu, and eat until you are comfortably satisfied.

  • To be able to bake a batch of cookies and actually enjoy them ALL WEEK.

  • To walk by the donuts at work and confidently decide "yes" or "no"!

  • To walk into the party and eat exactly what you want and leave without feeling guilty and bloated!

I know you're thinking . . . "Wow that was wayyy too accurate"

I know you were reading those bullet points saying "yes, YES, YESSSS this is totally me!" If that's you then this program is FOR YOU!!!


This is your sign!

It's YOUR turn for FREEDOM! I'll help you go from food OBSESSED to food FREEDOM! 2020 is your year year to step into your MOST CONFIDENT SELF!

"She made something that sometimes seems tough enough to be insurmountable, fun."

-Mairead, 37

I'll help you go from FOOD OBSESSED to --> FOOD FREEDOM

Let's do this food freedom thing together!

I know EXACTLY why you're scared to start.

You're afraid that you won't stop eating junk food. You're afraid that you'll never stop gaining weight. You're afraid that Intuitive Eating just "won't work for you" because you're a "food addict". You are SO NOT ALONE. And these are common fears that my clients often have AND OVERCOME during our 10 weeks together!

What Does the Program Look Like?

Live Weekly Group Education

Each week I will teach you a new topic! Each topic will build upon each other as you go through this journey! Some topics include: Giving yourself full permission around food, re-writing negative thought patterns, building our emotional tool box, gentle nutrition, joyful movement and more!

Weekly One-on-One Calls

Each week you will get a one on one coaching call with me! This is when we will take the content we learned and apply it directly to your life. This is the time for breaking through barriers and road blocks! This is where the magic happens!

Private Facebook Community

In the private Facebook community, you will be able to interact with the other participants in the program. Share your struggles and your wins! This is also where your coach, Molly, will post extra motivational content and information for the program!

Okay now I am TOTALLY ready to apply to FFA!

Fill out your application! Enter your information below and then fill out the application!

After the Food Freedom Accelerator Program You Will Feel...

CONNECTED - To your brain, your body and your HIGHEST SELF. You'll know exactly who you are, and why you're here on this earth. You'll learn how to listen to your body's communication, and speak it's language.

PEACEFUL - That inner battle of good food, bad food will be gone. Imagine your relationship with food and your body FINALLY feeling easy.

JOYFUL - You will start to experience joy and pleasure in new ways. Not just around food, but in all aspects of your life! Imagine yourself enjoying that holiday party, talking, laughing and not worrying about the food or your body AT ALL. And instead thinking: who do I want to chat with tonight? And what fun outfit am I going to wear? Oh yeah, and what fun cheeses will be there?! Yup, that will be YOU!

CONFIDENT - The confidence that Food Freedom brings into your life will not only impact your relationship with food, but how you move through your life in relationships, careers, challenges, etc. You'll be walking into rooms feeling like the confident badass you are in no time. Look out Beyonce! 


This Program is Changing Women's LIVES

Check out all of the amazing wins from graduates of the Food Freedom Accelerator Program! I can't wait to see you get wins like these!


Apply to the Food Freedom Accelerator Program Today!

I know you're ready to ditch the diets for good and learn how to trust yourself around food again! Apply today!

Do you want to  FINALLY feel in control around food?

You've been stuck diet culture for TOO LONG. Let's get you out! Together, we will step away from dieting, calorie counting and weight obsession FOR GOOD. The Food Freedom Accelerator isn't just about "learning Intuitive Eating" it is SO MUCH more than that! Together we will build a super strong foundation, I'll give you the tools to build a Food Freedom life that works for you! Not to mention, tools that will last a LIFETIME!

Hey Love! I'm Molly!

I’m a recovering: perfectionist, emotional eater, and calorie counter turned Food and Body Freedom Health Coach.

I’ve been in your shoes, meticulously counting calories, obsessing about food wondering  "is this Paleo?!" ... only to be left hungry, frustrated and binging on chocolate until I felt nauseous.

I created Molly Kate Wellness, LLC to help women STOP obsessing about food and their bodies and START living their most confident life.

I feel SO LUCKY that I get to help dozens of women EVERY DAY on their path to food and body freedom.



Can't Wait To See You Have Fun Wins Like These!

(we celebrate wins with gifs and emojis, so if you're into that, this program is for you!)

"I absolutely loved working with Molly. She is super supportive and truly cares about the people she works with. I loved the food freedom accelerator program and was sad when it ended. She gave me the tools I need to help me with food freedom and body acceptance. It is a constant work in progress but I feel so much more confident than I did before the program."

Lori, 39
Food Freedom Accelerator Grad

"Working with Molly in the Food Freedom Accelerator has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about food and myself as a person. It has allowed to challenge my thinking and turn my judgement into curiosity. She has the ability to really get down the root of the issue that we face, our worthiness and dig into this with you. I can't express how appreciative I am of Molly to accept me for me and help me to see how worthy I actually am."

Brigid, 39
Food Freedom Accelerator Grad

"A lot of my "brain power" throughout the day used to go towards thinking about my relationship to food, and now I don't have to spend so much time thinking about that because Molly helped me put healthier habits into my life!"

Becca, 26

"Molly is absolutely BRILLIANT! She has a true gift for making women feel comfortable in their bodies & unafraid of food! Molly takes time to get to know her clients, answer questions, & shares so openly about her own experiences. Working with Molly is like working with your BFF - she is funny, knowledgeable, & oh so relatable! 10/10 recommend working with her!"

Jaclyn, 27

"Before the Food Freedom Accelerator program I felt out of control and like I couldn't trust myself around food. Now, it isn't so scary and is more fact based! I see food as fuel AND something I can enjoy. Before the program, a lot of my life was consumed with negative self-image and self-deprecation. Now, I'm able to focus on the moment and just enjoy life! Molly has great energy and is super easy to talk to. She made us all cry, but in a good way! So many A-HA moments! So many times I said, "you're blowing my mind, Molly!" Molly's group had an amazing support system. It was great to lean on when the days get tough. I also felt that I absolutely got my money's worth with weekly group calls, one-to-one calls, guest coaching calls and utilizing the Facebook group for support! I feel so much more confident now!"

Angela, 28
Food Freedom Accelerator Grad

"Before I met Molly, I had already decided to quit a lifetime of self-hate and intense food policing. I had already decided ‘enough was enough’ but as with most things, deciding was just the beginning. Unpacking all my destructive self-talk and negative body image is hard work. Working with Molly, you can feel her genuine kindness and her real interest in your progression. She brought together a group of women who genuinely supported each other and she gave us all the tools to succeed on this path. She made something that sometimes seems tough enough to be insurmountable, fun. The tools Molly has given me are applicable in so many areas in my life and I know she continues to support me even after the course has ended. “Get curious’ is Molly’s motto and I hear her in my head when things seem too difficult and it helps in unlearning so many things that contributed to my negative self-talk. Work with Molly!! She has help me start to change my life."

Mairead, 37

"When I signed up for Molly's program, I had heard of intuitive eating, read the book, and tried experimenting with it myself. But it felt scary, and I had so many fears which I didn't know how to deal with. Molly guided me through the steps and really helped me with some major mindset shifts. She's so good at getting to the deeper emotional stuff, which is so important. I feel like my eyes were opened and I can now see so many things that kept me in diet mindset. Now I have the tools to question my thoughts and rewrite my beliefs. I've noticed so many changes in my behavior towards food and eating and body image. I'm so grateful for all of these things!"

Lynn, 56
Food Freedom Accelerator Alum

"Working with Molly I realized what I had started to suspect for the past few years, it was never about the food! It was always about the feelings that needed to be processed and the space my body was craving. Even though my FFA cohort has ended a few months ago, I still finding the pieces Molly gave me clicking into place!"

Amy, 32
Food Freedom Accelerator Alum

Frequently Asked Questions

It's your lucky day sister because it is BOTH! When I first started doing group coaching I noticed that was a HUGE gap. And that huge gap was getting time to INDIVIDUALLY work with each woman. Those one on one calls is where we get to talk through YOUR LIFE. That's where the implementation happens!

Great Question! Here's my question: Did dieting work for you? Probably not, and that's why you're here. I will say that everyone learns at their own pace. With that being said, every single one of my clients who finishes this program, achieves what they came in wanting to achieve. And typically, even more. They come in wanting to stop overeating, feel in control around food and start accepting their bodies. But I see women start feeling confident dating, start standing up for themselves, setting boundaries and being the HAPPIEST version of themselves. I even had a client do an Artistic Nude Photoshoot that was all about body positivity! So will it work for you? You're the one who decides that! ;-)

The program itself is 10 weeks. Each week there is a group call (30-60 minutes) and a one on one call (45 minutes). Throughout the program there are also guest coaches who will come on and coach on their specialty. So overall, you can expect about a 2 hour time commitment each week! This type of intimacy and time commitment is why this program works!

I only allow action takers into this program and so typically this never becomes an issue! Here are my terms and conditions for the program!

Payments and Refunds

In the event that You elect not to continue the Program, You must advise the Coach of the Program in writing via email. Ending the Program before the 10 weeks are completed will result in Your forfeiture of the cost of the Program. 

The Coach reserves the right to cancel the Program if at any point she feels it is not advantageous for the Program to continue. If this happens, You will not be refunded for completed sessions but will receive a prorated refund based on the remaining uncompleted weeks of the Program. 

Personal Responsibility and Release of Health Care Related Claims

An essential concept and theme of the Program is that You acknowledge that You take full responsibility for Your life and well-being. This means that any and all decisions made during and after this Program are Your sole responsibility.

You expressly assume the risks of the Program, including the risks of trying new foods or supplements, and the risks inherent in making lifestyle changes. You release the Coach, Molly Kate Wellness, LLC and its agents, from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, which You had, now have or will have in the future against the Coach, Molly Kate Wellness, LLC or its agents, arising from Your past or future participation, or otherwise with respect to, the Program, unless arising from the gross negligence of the Coach.

In consideration of gaining access to participate in the Program, You do hereby waive, release and forever discharge the Coach, Molly Kate Wellness, LLC, its owners, managers, members, personal trainers, instructors, coaches, officers, agents, employees, contractors, servants, representatives, and executors, heirs and assigns, of any and all responsibilities or liability for injuries or damages resulting from Your participation in the Program, whether or not such injuries or damages result from the negligence of the Coach, the Program, Molly Kate Wellness, LLC, its owners, members, managers, personal trainers, instructors, coaches, officers, agents, employees, contractors, servants, representatives, and executors. 

Also, in consideration of the above factors, You acknowledge the existence of the risk of injury to You in connection with these activities, assume such risk and agree to accept the responsibility for any injuries You sustain by Your participation in the Program via the use of the facilities and/or its equipment, regardless of whether such injuries result from the negligence of the Coach, Program, Molly Kate Wellness, LLC or its agents, its owners, managers, members, personal trainers, instructors, officers, agents, employees, contractors, servants, representatives, and executors. 


The Coach will keep Your information private, and will not share Your information unless compelled to by law.

General Matters

This Agreement shall be construed according to the laws of the State of Illinois. In the event that any provision of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, the remaining portions of the Agreement shall be severed and remain in full force. 

If the terms of the Agreement are acceptable, please sign below signifying Your acceptance. By doing so, You acknowledge that: (1) You received a copy of this letter agreement; (2) You have had an opportunity to discuss the contents with the Coach and, if desired, to have it reviewed by an attorney; and (3) You understand, accept and agree to abide by its terms.


You deserve a life of FREEDOM.

Apply to FFA to start your journey to FREEDOM!

Can't wait to read your application!


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