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"Seriously, AGAIN?! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST CONTROL YOURSELF?!" <-- (Real things you're saying to yourself in your head)

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  • Being a slave to the scale. (I see you, weighing yourself is the first thing you do each day...and right away you feel like a failure)
  • Hating the way your body looks in photos, and feels in clothes (you’re always thinking “if only I could just lose a little weight...I’d be happy)
  • Working so hard to "eat clean" all day only to find yourself head first in your partner's bag of Dorito's at the end of the day.
  • Actively avoiding the cheese table at the party. Like "I can't even stand near it. Get me away from here!"
  • Constantly saying things like "I just have to get back on track", or "I totally fell off track this weekend." just want to feel BALANCED
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I absolutely loved working with Molly. She is super supportive and truly cares about the people she works with. I loved the food freedom accelerator program and was sad when it ended. She gave me the tools I need to help me with food freedom and body acceptance. It is a constant work in progress but I feel so much more confident than I did before the program.

- Lori, 39

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Working with Molly in the Food Freedom Accelerator has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about food and myself as a person. It has allowed me to challenge my thinking and turn my judgement into curiosity. She has the ability to really get down the root of the issue that we face, our worthiness and dig into this with you. I can't express how appreciative I am of Molly to accept me for me and help me to see how worthy I actually am.

- Brigid, 39

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  • You could finally be a NORMAL eater.
  • You could order WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT off the menu, and stop when you are comfortably satisfied.
  • Being able to bake a batch of (real)  cookies and actually enjoy them ALL WEEK.
  • Walking by the donuts at work and confidently deciding "yes" or "no"!
  • Going to your friend’s party, eating exactly what you want, actually having FUN (not obsessing about what you ate the entire time) & leaving without feeling guilty and bloated!
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Before the Food Freedom Accelerator program I felt out of control and like I couldn't trust myself around food. Now, it isn't so scary and is more fact based! I see food as fuel AND something I can enjoy. Before the program, a lot of my life was consumed with negative self-image and self-deprecation. Now, I'm able to focus on the moment and just enjoy life! Molly has great energy and is super easy to talk to. She made us all cry, but in a good way! So many A-HA moments! So many times I said, "you're blowing my mind, Molly!" Molly's group had an amazing support system. It was great to lean on when the days get tough. I also felt that I absolutely got my money's worth with weekly group calls, one-to-one calls, guest coaching calls and utilizing the Facebook group for support! I feel so much more confident now!

- Angela, 28

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Before I met Molly, I had already decided to quit a lifetime of self-hate and intense food policing. I had already decided ‘enough was enough’ but as with most things, deciding was just the beginning. Unpacking all my destructive self-talk and negative body image is hard work. Working with Molly, you can feel her genuine kindness and her real interest in your progression. She brought together a group of women who genuinely supported each other and she gave us all the tools to succeed on this path. She made something that sometimes seems tough enough to be insurmountable, fun. The tools Molly has given me are applicable in so many areas in my life and I know she continues to support me even after the course has ended. “Get curious’ is Molly’s motto and I hear her in my head when things seem too difficult and it helps in unlearning so many things that contributed to my negative self-talk. Work with Molly!! She has help me start to change my life.

- Mairead, 37

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I'm so glad you're here! I'm a recovering perfectionist, calorie counter and obsessive clean food junkie. I know what it's like to be stuck in diet hell. Constantly thinking about calories, ingredients and the next time you’ll get to eat but you have to wait at least 4 hours.... Wondering when all those high intensity workouts are finally going to rid you of that cellulite. Because once that’s will finally be happy and confident...or so we were led to believe. Spoiler alert: It’s not about the cellulite, or the food.

My mission is to empower you to get back to that place where you FULLY trust yourself around food and reconnect with your body’s inherent wisdom. I will show you how to step into a fully intuitive life, in your body RIGHT NOW. Because weight loss and getting rid of your cellulite will never bring you the happiness you’re seeking. Reconnecting to your power will.

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  • You simply CANNOT keep dieting, you see how pervasive it is, but you just don’t know where to start with Intuitive Eating (and frankly, it scares you a little bit)
  • The thought of loving and accepting your body seems daunting, but you’re open to it, and you want to be able to be THAT woman!
  • You’re that woman always encouraging and empowering others. You finally want to be able to do the same for YOURSELF.
  • You can’t go another minute without that HAPPINESS, PEACE and BALANCE that you have always craved. You know it will change your life, because you were meant for more!
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Reconnect with Your Body’s Innate Wisdom

How to reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom. (Hunger and fullness cues will feel EASY to listen to! No more anxiety, shame or regret around food, you will feel in CHARGE!)

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Give Yourself Full Permission to Eat ANY Food

How to give yourself full permission to eat ANY food, and easily find your balance. You can have BOTH the green smoothies & kale salads AND the Doritos and Pizza. You can have it all, AND be confident that you know you are HEALTHY.

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Build Your Emotional Awareness

How to build your emotional awareness toolbox so you don’t have to keep using food to numb your boredom, anxiety, loneliness and frustration.

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Feel More Confident in Yourself than EVER

How to feel more confident in yourself than EVER. People will start saying things like “you look AMAZING, what are you doing?” and your response will be “Oh just fully living my life, having FUN and seeing my worth and value!”

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A lot of my "brain power" throughout the day used to go towards thinking about my relationship to food, and now I don't have to spend so much time thinking about that because Molly helped me put healthier habits into my life!

- Becca, 26

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Working with Molly I realized what I had started to suspect for the past few years, it was never about the food! It was always about the feelings that needed to be processed and the space my body was craving. Even though my FFA cohort has ended a few months ago, I still finding the pieces Molly gave me clicking into place!

- Amy, 32

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  • 10, weekly group educational calls, where you will be learning the tangible steps and education you need to know (Value: $1000+)
  • Facebook support group where you will be able to interact with ME as well as other women on this same journey with you (Value: $500+)
  • 5 LIVE guest coach calls where you will learn from the best in the industry and be able to get direct coaching from THEM on topics like: body acceptance, emotional safety, self-empowerment, gentle nutrition and MORE! (Value: $500+)
  • Weekly 1:1 phone calls directly with me, your coach! (10 total calls!) This is where the magic happens and where we dig deep and peel back the layers of YOUR story, so that we can get down to the core you. Can’t wait to uncover your magic with you! (Value: $2000)

Total Value: $4,000+

Your Investment: Less than half!

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 Week 1

Gain clarity

First we will take a deep dive into where you’ve been, where you are now, and exactly where you want to go. Clarity.

Week 2

Ditch the extremes and see your MAGIC

No more “this or that” “black or white” thinking. We will start to deconstruct that this week while we also see your innate POWER and MAGIC! It’s all within you!

Week 3

Make peace with food and yourself

It’s not just about making peace with food, it’s about making peace with yourself, all of you.

Week 4

Create awareness around your inner dialogue

I know you’ve got an inner mean girl in your head! Time to shine a light on her and let her know that we’ll be making some changes!

Week 5

Rest Week - Rest & Integrate

Week 6

Rewire your brain

Right now your brain is hardwired to have that inner mean girl on loudspeaker, this week we will start rewiring so your inner cheerleader gets turned onto loudspeaker (she’s so much more enjoyable to listen to!)

Week 7

Allow Satisfaction and Pleasure (in food AND life!)

That’s right, pleasure is IMPORTANT, in food AND life. Time to get you some vitamin P!

Week 8

Optimizing Health Without Obsession

Yup, that’s right HEALTH IS IMPORTANT! But obsessing about “health” is often unhealthy. This week we will redefine what health really looks like for you, without the obsession

Week 9

Movement as a Tool for JOY and Wellbeing

Moving your body is one of the most powerful ways that you connect and communicate with your body. Learn how to move and listen and have FUN along the way!

Week 10

 Rest Week - Rest & Integrate

Week 11

Eating for Health and Happiness

Food isn’t just about nutrition, it’s about NOURISHMENT. This week we will be learning exactly how to get all the nourishment you need around food.

Week 12

Creating the WHOLE

In the last week, we will take everything we’ve learned talk about exactly how to move forward to keep creating the life of your dreams. Because these tools we’ve learned over the past 10 weeks, are about so much more than food. They are about living YOUR best life!

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Brianna Campos

Body Acceptance

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Jaclyn Amys


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Clara Wisner

Emotional Embodiment

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Angie Balsamo-Peña

Cutting out Inner Mean Girl thoughts

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Kelsey Pukala

Gentle Nutrition


I get it, you might be thinking...

I should be able to do this on my own, shouldn’t I?

Oh girl, you are speaking my language. This was me. I get you. You’re a high achiever, usually things come naturally and easily to you. Right? Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance is one of those things where you REALLY need support and guidance. I wasted YEARS because I thought I could get the support I needed by following people on Instagram and learning from them on the sidelines. To be successful, you need someone asking you questions that you would never think to ask yourself, uncovering subconscious layers that are keeping you held back. THAT is why you need help on this journey.

I’m afraid I’m going to “fail”, just like I’ve done with every other program.

I feel you. Diet culture profits off of it’s victims failure. So NO WONDER you feel like a failure. Dieting is designed to fail. Not only that, but you are now conditioned to believe that failure is going to happen and so your cognitive bias only allows you to see failure. This program will open up your eyes to more possibilities, more visions of what “success” could look like. This is a fear that I would say 90% of women come into this program with, and they leave feeling so relieved and peaceful.

Am I going to gain a lot of weight?

I know this is your biggest fear. This is EVERY woman’s biggest fear, because we have been conditioned to believe that gaining weight is the worst thing that we could ever do and that it makes us less valuable when we do. So I hear you, I see you, I feel you. I’ve been there. I can’t predict how anyone’s weight is going to change over the course of your life or during this program. It is helpful if you are willing to atleast put weight loss on the backburner during this program.

Coaching is too expensive, I can’t spend that much money on myself.

This program is unlike any other. It is FULLY immersive. My goal is that when you finish this program, you never need me again. (Yup, that’s returning customers for me….I don’t operate like WeightWatchers who want to take your money, monthly, for the rest of your life.) This program will give you tools that you will use for the rest of your life. I have women who took the program and months, or over a year later come back to tell me how beneficial these tools are in the rest of their life. This investment isn’t just for the next 10 weeks, it’s an investment in you living YOUR BEST LIFE, for the next 50+ years. If you’re feeling a pull towards this program, it is FOR YOU (remember: feeling a little scared is normal, safe and actually GOOD!)

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  • Finally find balance around food (bring on the green smoothies, french fries, kale salads, roasted veggies AND donuts. ALL. THE. THINGS!)
  • Finally feel AT HOME in your body. Your body is the only home you will live in for your entire life. Might as well make it comfortable.
  • Finally be that woman who not only stops when she is satisfied, but has fun around food! Parties, dinner and drinks with the girls and holiday parties will finally be ENJOYABLE.
  • Stop filling your brain with food and body thoughts and START filling it with more important things: Like the big, important things you have to do in the world!
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